Sofia Vokalensemble performs Kanon Pokajanen by Arvo Pärt

“Kanon Pokajanen is often called Arvo Pärt’s greatest masterpiece. It is a meditative musical journey toward the point of silence which is always the Estonian composer’s ultimate goal. The tone is harsh and melancholic, like a heavy snowfall at dusk somewhere between winter and spring. Yet, this is one of the most beloved compositions in contemporary choral music. Perhaps because the seriousness of the music has a liberating effect. After all the tribulations, a great calm awaits.” – Eric Schüldt

Sofia Vokalensemble performs the masterpiece Kanon Pokajanen in its entirety, and the concert is hosted by the award-winning presenter and music journalist, Eric Schüldt.

Welcome to Sofia Church in Stockholm on Sunday, March 24th at 18:00.

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Performance by:
Sofia Vokalensemble

Bengt Ollén


Programledaren och musikjournalisten Eric Schüldt är presentatör under konserten där Sofia Vokalensemble framför Kanon Pokajanen av Arvo Pärt.

Eric Schüldt is a radio host and music journalist. He combines knowledge of classical music with everything from art, poetry, and philosophy to highly personal reflections. Since 2016, he has hosted the program “Text and Music with Eric Schüldt” which airs on Sundays on Swedish Radio channel P2.