In Paradisum (2019)

The clouds, thick and lush, shifting character and colour while the sky is painted in a mesmerizing palette of blue – like the deepest of oceans that converge into light water crystals which cover the hidden beaches of sand.

As the sun sets a jet of orange begins to fill the clouds and sky like a fire dancing around trees. However, it is a peaceful and harmonious fire which softens into the colour of a peach, still holding its suspense as glowing embers do. The horizon transitions into a soft pink, and as if in a dream a hint of purple leads the way into a star specked night.

Sofia Vokalensemble welcomes you to a musical tour featuring the most treasured gems in our musical universe. These renditions consist of our favourite and most frequently performed composers in pieces that depict perceived divinity. Through lyrics and meditative melodies, combined with the fires of our soulful journey made through music, we aspire to help you find your own inner paradise, or perhaps just a brief moment of inner peace.

1. In Paradisum – Sven-David Sandström
2. Sanctus – Ola Gjeilo
3. Cantate Domino – Matthew Peterson
4. Anim Zemirot – Jacob Mühlrad
5. Miserere – James MacMillan
6. Drei Geistliche Gesänge – Alfred Schnittke
7. Which was the son of… – Arvo Pärt
8. Nunc Dimittis – Arvo Pärt
9. Jag lyfter mina händer – Karin Rehnqvist
10. The Beatitudes – Paul Mealor